Coming in 2019!

Australia's first dedicated tertiary training institution for gamers.


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Is your passion esports? Let AIG help you turn your passion into a career.

Are you:

  • Sick of mainstream school and know your future is in esports?

  • Good at a game but need opportunities to get your career in esports started?

  • Qualified in another field, have tried other jobs but your heart lies in esports?

The Australian Institute of Gaming's vision is to be the Australian esports industry’s preferred organisation for the development of esports professionals. AIG’s mission is to promote the Australian esports industry by providing career pathways for gaming enthusiasts, through educational programs and integration with industry leaders. AIG will do this by creating a unique esports environment where members learn, train and participate in real esports activities.

AIG will offer the following services and facilities:

  • A nationally accredited qualification for your preferred esports role

  • A first class esports training and competition venue

  • Registration in external and internal esports competitions

  • Onsite esports professionals including campus staff and weekly industry guests

  • One on one and team coaching sessions to become the best you can be

With AIG, set yourself up for a future in which you can make your mark with nationally accredited qualifications and skill sets, or dare to dream and train for a professional esports career.

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