Meet the AIG Team

AIG has put together a multi-disciplinary directors team spanning across three speciality areas. Combined, these three individuals possess the knowledge, skills and passion to make AIG the best esports training institution in Australia.


Director Of Esports

Scott Bednarski (Boomser)

Boomser is the longest-serving professional esports personality in Australia. 18 years of experience has seen Boomser travel the world, appear on network television and build an extensive esports network. His in-depth behind the scenes knowledge and skills associated with esports teams, events and marketing not only compliments but completes the AIG directors team.


Director of Training

Neil Gurnett (lordgurney)

Neil is a professional business educator with ten years training experience and a further five years experience in policy development. Neil has used his knowledge and skills to develop a number of contextualised business courses within the vocational education and training space. Neil conceptualised AIG by combining his passion for business, education and gaming.


Director of Operations

Scott Robins (Roboscot)

Scott has honed his managerial skills across a variety of industries throughout the years. Scott’s brings twelve years experience in traditional sports broadcasting and has travelled the globe being involved with most of the world’s major sporting events. Whilst managing across ten territories in Africa, Scott completed his masters in business. Having worked in all sectors across developed and emerging markets, Scott brings an unique skill set to the table.